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Lawn Care

As former professional greenkeepers with a leading Norfolk Golf Club, we know a thing or two about grass. We know how hard it can be to keep it green and looking good. So we have a three-part programme to keep customers and their lawns happy, and you can buy into all, or just a single part of it. To suit your needs and budget.

Lawn Creation: For many people, their existing lawn just isn’t what they want. So we can replace it entirely, often reshaping it as we go to offer a fresh new look to the garden, and we can do this with either turf, seed or even a synthetic surface.

Lawn Maintenance: Great lawns take time and trouble, so once we have your lawn under initial control, we offer a compete ongoing programme, carefully budgeted to suit your requirements – everything from feeding, to weeding, to scarifying, to routine cutting and edging.

Seasonal Treatments: Like everything else in nature, lawns take notice of key seasonal changes. Which means that as the Winter ‘sleep’ approaches, and then as Spring starts to ‘wake’ everything up again, we can be on hand to manage the more specific processes that can be needed. Hollow-tining, sanding, rolling, special feeds and so on.

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