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& Maintenance

There can be many reasons for wanting to change a garden design. Everything from boredom, to growing family numbers, to retirement… the list is endless. What overlays them all however, is a desire for something better. More practical. Prettier. More in tune with our ever-changing lives and lifestyles , as increasingly we all come to see our gardens as an extension of our living area, not just ‘that bit outside’! We understand this, but, just as important, we also understand that budgets need to be managed to maximise your vision, without minimising your bank balance! We face these challenges every day and are delighted to say that, while each is different, we have yet to be faced with one we couldn’t overcome. And to the delight of our customers.

Once redesigned, ongoing maintenance can be down to you, or we can put a plan together where we work alongside you to keep your vision looking just how you want it.

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