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The ‘big brother’ of garden design: bigger in scale, scope and impact. In truth though, there are two fundamental types of landscaping – Soft and Hard – and we have expertise and experience in both.

Soft landscaping: We successfully undertake major works such as tree removal, contour smoothing, natural-feature creation, hedging, pond installation and so on. All work requiring the use of the raw materials nature has provided at the location, or that we can bring in to supplement it.

Hard landscaping: Where nature hasn’t provided the basics for what a customer wants, we install paved patios and paths, retaining walls, pergolas, fences, pumped-water features, statuary and whatever is needed to create the vision you have. As we have said, landscaping can be a ‘big’ job, but we can break it down into manageable sections that let you keep on with your life and enjoyment of your garden as much as possible.

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