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You can give it a fancy title like ‘consultancy’, but to our mind it’s simply a good old-fashioned chat. And nothing beats it! Ideally, undertaken while wandering round your property, exploring its features together, and hearing first-hand what you think you might want. It helps us get to know you better – and vice versa – and is invaluable in understanding your garden. What you like to do in it…. what level of work you might want to do in it yourself going forward…. who else might benefit from any work.

The important thing is you don’t need to have any instant answers for us. The best ideas are almost always organic. A result of nattering to us and using any thoughts we might offer, to help you formulate your own plans. A process as natural and rewarding as gardening itself.

We charge nothing for chatting. And we take as long as you want. For us, and for you we believe, it’s one of the best investments in your garden plans we can possibly make.

We’re happy to cost up any job for you…

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